Laplace M: Character Advance Guide

2019-02-27 14:10:50

       What is today’s gift then? Hmmm, a great treasure! Today I will reveal to you the all-useful Advance Guide which allows you to turn into stronger and better super Guardians, in a faster time~~

[Level Upgrade]

       First of all, the most important thing is levelling up of course! During the game, most functions are unlocked through levelling up, such as Card slots on your equipment, Guardian slots used by Arrays, which are both limited by your level. So then, if you wanna become stronger you must be sure to complete all your daily quests and obtain full Exp!

[Equipment Gameplay]

       Equipment is naturally extremely important to your BR. Remember that, the most important thing is to team up and use up all your equipment dungeon attempts. This will ensure that you have a chance to obtain high-quality equipment~ Dungeons have three difficulties: Normal, Hard and Nightmare, you can enter them according to your own ability~

       Replaced equipment can also be dismantled, giving you materials to reforge your equipment with, you can get better attributes through reforging! Next you should spare no effort to enhance as much as you can!

Note: You can also participate in Snow Fight events, Fame can be exchanged for equipment dungeon attempts~

[Soulcard Gameplay]

       Of course, if you already have equipments then you should fill in its slots! Only the shiny Cards are worthy of a grand Guardian’s stature! Hmmph! I’ll farm this Card Realm: Goldsand Maze first I guess!

       Once you’ve finally inlaid a Card, I’ve got a secret to tell you, you won’t fail when enhancing Cards up to 6, quickly go and enhance them all to 6 before you go off pursuing higher levels~

Guardian Gameplay

       Haha, the most important thing must definitely be left ‘til last. Below let’s learn how to enhance Guardians.

       First of all, let’s take out our Egg-Catching Net and Guardian Island, it’s time to check out your luck! If you only obtain a one-star, don’t feel bad, just carry on developing… all gold shines, after all. Don’t forget to place your Guardian in Deploy and Array positions!’re asking why your Guardian hasn’t levelled up? Errrm, the Guardian’s Star Lv. will determine their level limit, so if your Guardian won’t level up, remember to first upgrade their star lv.!