Laplace M: Newbie’s Level up Itinerary

2019-02-27 14:15:29

Clang Clang Clang ~ Laplace M’s rescue squad is here again! Wherever there’s trouble, where we’ll be~ I’ve heard that there are Guardians who are stuck on their level and don’t know what to do. Just leave this to me! Let’s cut to the chase, aaaghh, don’t hit me! Below let me introduce how to level up quickly~


       The first tip is to complete Tutorial. You can gain an abundance of experience from completing Tutorial targets! Tutorials are definitely the part that must be completed first!

[Kingdom Gameplay Modes]

       Guardians that wanna race ahead with their levels often ask, if there aren’t any new Tutorial, then what should I do? Someone as awesome as me has the answer of course!

       The most important experience to be gained everyday within the game is the experience provided by the Kingdom gameplay modes, these include all sorts of single and team modes. Additionally, Guild mode will also provide mass Exp. Be sure not to forget~

[Time-Limited Events]

       Along with these Exp sources, the game also has an abundance of gameplay modes that open at set times. You can open the Events panel to view them, there are also some really tiny Side-Quests and Challenge Quests that are deeply hidden around the place. These will also give you plenty of experience, these all require Guardians to search yourselves~