Laplace M: Reforge Equipment Introduction

2019-02-27 15:41:10

After obtaining the equipment that you desire, what should you do if the additional attributes don’t match up with your Class? Dear Guardians needn’t worry~ Listen carefully to what I have to say~ I’ll introduce the useful function called equipment reforge.

[Accessing the Function]

Tap Reforge in your Bag to enter into the Equipment Workshop system to carry out equipment reforging.

[Obtaining Materials]

 Reforging requires Bronze and Crystal as materials

Crystal can be obtained through all sorts of different events and quests, Bronze can be obtained in the Equipment Realm, Marketplace Trade and from dismantling equipment.

[Important Info About Reforging]

Level 20 or above purple equipment can be reforged, the equipment’s additional attributes can be used in attributes reforging. A reforge rating of the equipment’s additional attributes will be displayed when reforging, the reforge rating tells you whether the attributes are good or not. The Reforge rating will be calculated according to Class, the rating of different attributes for different Classes is not the same. Equipment reforging can give the equipment extra attributes types and bonuses, through reforging, each piece of equipment will become unique. Don’t worry about gaining attributes you don’t want during reforging, the new attributes will only be saved once you actually save them, so don’t forget to save. If the equipment is dismantled, part of the reforging materials will be returned.

[Reforge Returns]

When reforging attributes, the amount of times that this equipment has been reforge will be recorded, each piece has a unique record that is on the equipment. When the cast equipment is dismantled, 60% of total reforging cost will be returned and the number of times reforge will be displayed in equipment Tips, displaying how many times you’ve reforge equipment.