Laplace M: Add Socket Introduction

2019-02-27 16:13:02

After obtaining equipment, does it not have enough slots? But you really want to inlay that Card~

Please see the following explanation on equipment Add Socketing introduction to answer all these questions~

[Accessing the Function]

Tap the equipment in your Bag and choose Enhance or Add Socket to enter the Equipment Workshop system, you can then Add Socket to your equipment that you already own.

[Obtaining Materials]

Add Socketing costs Kingdom Fame and Silverstar

Silverstar can be obtained through events and quests, Kingdom Fame can be obtained through participating in the various in-game events.

[Benefits of Add Socketing]

Have you collected a whole load of special Cards but you don’t have any way to inlay them onto your equipment? There’s no need to worry, you can select Equipment Add Socket from the Equipment Workshop’s second option. Equipment refining is used to Add Socket equipment from the equipment sidebar, it won’t be bound to your equipment so you can Add once and use that forever, you won’t have to worry later. There are 7 different pieces of equipment that can be Add Socketed in the equipment sidebar, they are Weapons, Gloves, Armors, Pants, Shoes and Talismans. The slots can be used to inlay Cards that you own, allowing you to make the maximum use of them, but remember that you can only Add 3 slots. Therefore, including the original slot, you can have a maximum of 4 Cards follow you into battle.