Laplace M:Skill System Introduction

2019-02-27 16:13:23

If you mention what is the thing most commonly used in a battle, then of course it’s...Skills! How can you show the true power of great Mages with basic attacks? So put away your shields, daggers and whatever else you’ve got! I’ll explain to you how the Skill system works!

[Class Skills]

       Each time characters level up, they will obtain a skill point. Remember you need to use them on a suitable Skill Talent~

       Moreover, the deeper levelled skills on the Skill Tree will have some that require certain prerequisite skill Levels, and there are others that require your own Level above a certain amount to unlock. Be sure to take heed of this!

       As your level increases, you can also unlock more skill point builds which can be used in different the situations of PvE and PvP.

[Card Skills]

       Guardians really mustn’t forget that the skills carried by our Weapons and Glove Cards can also be freely chosen. Enhancing corresponding Cards will upgrade your Card Skills!

[Skill Configuration]

We now get what Class Skills, Card Skills are, so let’s equip them to fight! In the configuration interface you can allocate skills to the keys that you’re used to using, this will make our work of taking down Calamity much lighter.

There’s much more excitement needs to be found by yourselves!