Laplace M:Guardian System Introduction

2019-02-27 16:13:33

Have a hug with their warm bodies and show your love with the Guardians. On the way of this fantastic journey in Laplace M, the most important companion is of course the lovable Guardian~ Let’s take a look at the Guardian companion’s development gameplay!

[Guardian Screen]

On the [Guardian] function at the bottom of the main menu, you can see all the Guardians, you can choose to take them with you to battle or rest. Each Guardian has its own special Active Skill, a randomized personality and an inherent Passive Skill.

Improve your Intimacy with your Guardian to learn new skills and have a chance of unlocking a new skill slot (If it hasn’t been unlocked you can choose to replace with your own skills or give up on learning it). The higher the quality of the Guardian, the more powerful the skills learned, and the higher the probability of learning an advanced skill.

Taking your Guardian with you into battle and feeding it Summer Juice can increase your Intimacy~

[Guardian Rerolled]

What should you do if you obtain a Guardian that you love, but their personality and inherent skill don’t suit your Class? The secret is——Lotus Fruit, it can give the Guardian a new personality and inherent skill.

A little tip: You can obtain Lotus Fruit from finding Treasure Maps or from trading at the Market~

[Guardian Convert]

After Convertion, the Guardian’s skills, Level and Star Lv. will all be Converted~~ In fact you can change your best Guardian with your favorite one~Ain’t that useful, huh?