Laplace M: Emotes Introduction

2019-02-27 16:13:42

    Psst~~Do you wanna express your inner feelings but aren’t very good with words? Wanna express your thanks during battle but have your hands full? You wanna give a friendly sentiment to a cutie you see but don’t know how to start? Come and do the Harlem shake with Fat Choco! Use emotes to express your feelings~~

[Accessing the Function]

Above the chat box you will see an [Emoji] button, you can perform all sorts of actions and send different emotes~~

[Gameplay Tips]

Is there anything else that can give a more direct impression than body language and personal emotes? When it’s not convenient to talk, an emoji and action can easily express your innermost feelings. Use your emotes well, and let’s make everyone pull faces at one another harmoniously in Laplace M!



[Obtaining Emotes]

It’s so easy to gain emotes, as you play the game they will unlock one by one as your achievements build up! Many different whacky and fun emotes will fall into your hands~~Come and try out your new emotes!