Laplace M:12 Zodiac Introduction

2019-02-27 16:16:47

Laplace M has many unsolved mysteries waiting for “The No.1 Warrior” to uncover, the Zodiac is just one of these mysteries. Legend has it that only a true warrior can find and triumph over the Zodiac~~ So all you warriors need to get moving and start on your path to discovery!

[Little Secret]

    The first Zodiac [1-Star Aquarius Guard] is in the Yggdrasil! First go and defeat him!

[Gameplay Introduction]

The Zodiac is a series of challenges with a progressive difficulty, defeat different Zodiac Bosses to win an abundance of rewards. The Zodiac’s difficulty is separated into 1-12 Stars, different Zodiac Bosses have different styles, skills and specialties. You can enrage them on your own or as a team, but the team captain must first have successfully challenged the preceding level Zodiac Boss before they can challenge the next one, but teammates have no restrictions, they can challenge any level with their captain. On the whole, the battles are pretty hard, so all members must cooperate well with one another and effectively allocate Classes to smoothly clear them!