Laplace M:Escort Gameplay introduction

2019-02-27 16:17:02

    Chuchuchu~~Laplace M needs more passionate adventurers who can give a helping hand and escort people to the destination. This, no doubt, is something you can be proud of and you’ll get some great rewards when completing the escort. Come and hear Fat Choco’s introduction!!

[Gameplay Entry]

On the main screen, tap on the [Kingdom] button at the top before then selecting [Escort] on the next page. You then just tap ‘Go’, and you will automatically travel to the target destination.

[Gameplay Tips]

Escort is one of the daily types of gameplay which is opened at Lv.30. Team up and escort important people to their destination, during the journey you will fight with enemy NPCs. After completing the escort, you can obtain Exp and Equipment Pack rewards, once you’re finished you’ll obtain Music Boxes. Everyday you can complete a max of 10 escorts, and remember that you need a team of at least 3 people to join in!

What are you waiting for...Go and start your first escort journey now!