Laplace M:PvP Event: Snow Fight Event

2019-02-27 16:17:54

[Event Entry]

On the top-right of the main page in the [Event] entry, Guardians with Lv.35 or above can tap to sign up.

[Event Time]

Event starts at 20:00-20:45 every Monday, with Full Server Matchmaking. After successfully signing up, there will be a prompt above the main page’s chat box, you will receive information about the event or cancel your application.

[Event Introduction]

Individual players with Lv.35 or above can sign up, this event matchmakes across the whole server. The event will start when 20 people have signed up.

There are three floors of the event; after every so often, a Snowball will appear which can then be tapped on to complete a channeling. You will obtain Fame and Keys. Each time a floor finishes, the players with Keys will be able to enter into the next floor. After being killed, the player will drop their Key. Entering into a new floor will earn you Fame. It’s pretty difficult.

[Event Rewards]

After clearing each floor, players can obtain Fame. When the match ends, rewards will be given according to the player’s ranking.

Fame can be exchanged for other Event Tickets!