Laplace M:Guild Coco Introduction

2019-02-27 16:18:02

Chu chu chu!~~We often see the cute little Coco flying around for delivering gifts, bringing benefits to us all. Would you like to get to know them better then? Let’s read more about it below with Fat Choco~~

[Gameplay Entry]

After entering a Guild, tap on the [Guild] button in menu bar before tapping on [Feeding Coco] to enter into Guild Grounds and spend some time with Coco.

[Gameplay Tips]

When the Guild War broke out, the Guild was marching east, they took Coco with them. After every so often, the Coco would produce lots of valuable goods, supplying the Guild with necessary supplies. It’s for this reason that Coco are not just a cute mascot, but are also one of the symbols of the Guild, they are also a crucial part of it. Everyday feeding Coco for 5 times to obtain EXP and Guild Materials and increase Coco’s Happiness. There isn’t any Guild member that doesn’t love Coco~