Truesight Eye Gameplay Introduction

2019-02-27 16:18:18

    What should a true adventure include? A magnificent journey? Companions along your way? Powerful enemies? Besides these, surprises hidden in seemingly insignificant places is necessary! But if they’re hidden, how can we find them? Come and listen to the world around you~~

[Gameplay Entry]

Hold down or tap the little eye [Truesight Eye] button in the bottom left of the screen to enter the Truesight Eye view. When you’re finished listening to the world around you, tap [Return to Reality] in the right-hand corner to leave it.

[Gameplay Tips]

It can be used in the wilderness (in set areas) and it has a set amount of times every day, and also a set cooldown. It will recover in the morning, using items or completing Quests can also add extra uses.         

After activating the Truesight Eye function, you will enter the Truesight Eye sight after a brief cut-scene. Once you see a glimmering spot of light, you can tap the light to trigger special events. Mysterious adventures await you, and mysterious treasures are waiting to be obtained.

When you feel like there must be something hidden, you can try out the Truesight Eye function. Who knows, maybe you’re a gifted detective!